On-Site Mining

Visit the worlds largest 300 foot on-site wooden flume has been open for over 25 years!

Cooper's Gem Mine is located in historic Blountville, Tennessee and is  nestled in between the beautiful Appalachian Mountains, which provide ample shade even on the hottest summer days. Miners and prospectors from all around the world travel to Blountville to visit and sluice mine ore using our 300ft on-site flumes in which they can find semi-precious gemstones, minerals, fossils or more!

Our on site flumes are only open seasonally but we do offer a mobile flume that is available year round.

We also have offer Tomahawk throw, fire pit, and barrel train rides which maybe available upon request.

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Gemstone Buckets

Fossil Buckets

2-Quart Pebble Pup Bucket - $10.00
2-Gallon Rock Hound Bucket - $23.00
5-Gallon Big Bonanza - $75.00
10-Gallon Cooper's Drum - $120.00
15-Gallon Donkey Barrell - $150.00
Fossil Bucket - $25.00
Arrowhead Bucket - $25.00
Combo Arrowhead/Fossil Bucket - $38.00