On-Site Mining

Our 300 foot on-site wooden flume has been open for over 20 years!

The on-site flume is nestled in between beautiful Appalachian Mountains which provide ample shade even on the hottest summer days. Visitors come to our on-site flume from miles and miles away to sluice authentic mine ore for semi-precious gemstones and fossils!

This flume is open seasonally but our mobile flume is available year round.

We also have a Tomahawk throw, fire pit, and barrel train available upon request.

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Gemstone Buckets

Fossil Buckets

2-Quart Pebble Pup Bucket - $7.00
2-Gallon Rock Hound Bucket - $16.00
5-Gallon Outlaw Bucket - $65.00
Cooper's Drum - $125.00
Fossil Bucket - $18.00
Arrowhead Bucket - $18.00
Combo Arrowhead/Fossil Bucket - $25.00