Was there an actual mine here at Coopers Gem Mine?

No, but we have been told by a local historian, there was an actual working gold mine on the back side of Cooper’s Gem Mine mountain. Located in the Muddy Creek area in Blountville, TN. Whither this is true or not we do not know.

Where does the mine ore come from?

The mine ore that is used at Cooper’s Gem Mine comes from all across the Appalachian mountain range. Some states that are included are NC, SC, TN, VA, WVA, FL, GA. and sometimes-even New York.

Do you seed or add to your buckets of ore?

Due to OSHA rules and standards, no individuals are allowed in their mines except their employees. We purchase our ore from a miner’s co-op located all over the Appalachian Mountain Range. It is all authentic mine ore. The co-op mixes the ores from several different mines with heavy equipment, so there will be a good variety of mine ore with various gemstones and minerals in each shipment.

How long has Cooper’s Gem Mine been in business?

Cooper’s Gem Mine was built in 1991 and officially opened June 12th of 1992. Here is a fun fact for you, the first school group Cooper’s Gem Mine ever had was on July 25,1992, the day that Johnny and Amy welcomed their newborn son Jonathan.

How did Cooper’s Gem Mine begin?

The dream for Cooper’s Gem Mine began on the Cooper’s honeymoon when they ended up at a gem mine in the mountains of North Carolina. Where she paned for gems until her husband refused to sit any longer and they left for a bucket of chicken. Upon there return Amy begged her newly wed husband to build one for her own. For her birthday that September she was presented with the plans for her very own gem and thus the construction on the mine was started. To read more about the history of Coopers Gem Mine please visit our About Us page. Cooper’s Gem Mine still servers the Tri-Cites 25 years later after the young couple was married and the dream was started.

Does Cooper's Gem Mine offer any type of discounts?

Simple put is "Yes" we do,  Cooper's Gem Mine does Offer Discounts to the following:

Cooper's Gem Mine is proud to offer a 20% discount to active and non active military personal and their spouses.

Cooper's Gem Mine is proud to offer a 15% discount to our First Responders.

Cooper's Gem Mine is proud to offer a 15% discount to senior citizens.

Cooper's Gem Mine is proud to offer a 15% discount to educators.

Cooper's Gem Mine does offer's group discounts and rates to groups, organizations and others in order to qualify you must have a minimum of 20 prospectors.

Please Note: ID maybe required for verification for any Military, First Responder, Senior Citizen, or Educator to be eligible for the discount.

We also do Facebook specials: so like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/coopersgemmine

Can I purchase Mine ore to take with me?

Yes you can. We offer many options for you to take some home with you.

Where did you learn so much about Gems, Minerals and Fossils?

To be honest; we are all self-taught. Over the years we have had the opportunity to visit lots of rock shows and conferences where we have picked up loads of information. We spend a lot of our spare time reading rock books or visiting museums, speaking with archeologist and others to lean and continue our educations about Gems, Minerals and Fossils.