Rules at Cooper's Gem Mine

At Cooper's Gem Mine we treasure all of our miners and prosectors, just like we love our Gems! That's why safety is our number one priority.

Please go over the rules that are listed below with all miners before every visit as a reminder to stay safe!

+Please absolutely "No" throwing rocks at any time while visiting.

+Keep both feet on the ground at all times.

+No walking or running on benches or in flumes.

+Pets are allowed around the flume only if leashed or if small enough to be held. Please clean up after your pet.

+Please take care of sluicing equipment as it can be costly to replace.

+All children must be supervised both inside our gift shop and at outside around our flumes. 

+Smoking is only allowed around the flumes only when others are not present. If others are present please step away from the flumes to smoke. Please note that cigarette butts are not to be thrown on the ground, as we want to remain "Mine Ready" for all our miners and prosectors.