Uncover Buried Teasure!

Sugar Hollow Retreat Blog post featuring Cooper's Gem Mine.

Article by: Trish Artim 
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People in the tiny town of Blountville, Tennessee use to shout “there’s gold in them there mountains!” and now visitors of all ages can travel to Cooper’s Gem Mine and experience there own gold and jewel rush. Established in 1991, owners Amy and Johnny offer various buckets and packages for parties, groups and individuals seeking to discover their own “hidden treasures.” For more information about visiting Cooper’s Gem Mine, please call (423) 323-5680 or visit their website at http://www.coopersgemmine.com/index.htm.

The idea behind Cooper’s Gem Mine was born while Johnny and Amy were on there honeymoon, in 1990. The couple took some time to experience a gem mine, and Amy fell in love. Amy purposed that the couple buy and own a gem mine, and at the time Johnny simply laughed. Funny how things like that happen, but in the summer of 1991, Johnny and Amy opened Cooper’s Gem Mine to the public with only 50 feet of flumes for mining. The couple worked and prayed hard and this summer, they will be celebrating their 21st year in business. The mine is located in historic Blountville, Tennessee and sits close enough to the country craft store owned by Amy’s mother that guest can easily walk over and sit a spell.

The dream started when the two were teenagers, and now Amy and Johnny Cooper offer packages for all parties and provide both a fun and educational adventure. Bucket prices range from four dollars to 500 dollars, and guest can choose from arrowhead buckets and gem buckets. Bucket mining is a great opportunity for couples, families and youth organizations, and everyone can learn a little something new about the gems they are uncovering. Amethyst, pyrite, citrine, and rubies are just a few of the beauties yet to be discovered in the Cooper’s backyard!

Whatever reason you choose to visit, Cooper’s Gem Mine provides hours of fun and entertainment for families with children of all ages. Guest can get their hands dirty digging for their own buried treasures! Just a short drive away, Sugar Hollow Retreat offers lodging for your visit to Cooper’s Gem Mine. The staff at Sugar Hollow is friendly and willing to help, so don't hesitate to call at 1-800-957-1776, or visit us at http://www.sugarhollowretreat.com/. Experience the mining adventures of Cooper’s Gem Mine today!