Amy Cooper

Position: CEO/Owner

Amy has multiple degrees and certificates in childcare and early education. Currently Amy is working on a degree in Cognitive Neuro science, in which she hopes to find cures and establish alternative learning methods for early elementary age children and young teens.

Amy’s interest in Gems and Minerals dates back to her early childhood years when she would go spelunking as a hobby, but would one day lead her to her career path. Over the past 25 years, Amy has enjoyed all the hundreds of children and the smiles that she has brought to their faces by educating them about Gems and Minerals, although her favorite is the Emerald (But to her the Kissing Stone, the legend of this stone is “if you carry it in your pocket and your significant other kisses another it will crack in your pocket, and you know they cheated on you”). Its Amy’s Hopes and Dreams that all the children that visit Cooper’s Gem Mine will learn something that they can take away and use the rest of their lives to better Inspire and benefit our communities, our country and our world.